Saturday, May 23, 2009


Hey I'm back
Sorry I sort of quit blogging
But as I said before I'm back
I am going to try to write more often
If I can't well sorry 'bout that

Let me catch you guys up on my life
My life is good
Hangin out with friends
Goin to the library
Doing stuff in school
Stuff basically like that

Well I'm going to go shopping
SO bye


Saturday, March 14, 2009


Saturday blues.....
Today was ok.
I really didn't do much.
I knitted, watched tv, ate food, went on the computer, and did some other stuff.
Right now I am watching X Men.
Just so u know I am watching the first one.
Even tough I already saw it before.
I have been watching movies back to back.
But not just of the X Men.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Wat's ^???
I'm great!!
Like I say alot life is gooooodddd.....
I just finished my home work.
I really don't like math but I do like a challenge.
So it's ok. Right now I am listening to music in my room.I am listening to let it rock!!!
I love musica!!!!This weekend I really don't have
any plans.I have I am going to my dad's house though.So I guess that is a plan........
At his house I am just going to be a couch potato anyway.
In my mind that really isn't a plan but oh well.
I have to go now bye!!!!


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

10th Post!!!

Yeah today I am posting my 10th post.
I know that isn't alot but I just started this blog so stop annoying me!!!!
Just joking......

Well I had a good day in school.
I had a book fair in my school too today.
It was fun I got alot of stuff.

Today I will be going to my dad's house so that's good.
I guess.......
I'm sort of tired right now maybe I'll go sleep till my dad comes.
Or maybe watch tv......

Well, I'll go now but if anyone is on ans wants to talk just comment!!!!


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Life is good........................

Around here life is good..............
How is it around you?
Well, since you can't answer at the moment I will tell you about me.
I did well in my speech in front of the school.
I also am having a good week so far......
Today we had a field trip.
It was fun I got to go with the class I switch with.
(That class has one of my BFFS Olivia)
I hung out with Olivia and my friend Angie.
(Angie is one of my bffs too! But she is in my class)
Also today I got progress reports and I am doing GREAT in school.
(Cause I got no checks)
Now you know why life is good.

With Luv,

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Hey how r u guys??
Im good I guess....
But I am a bit nervous for Monday that is like a huge day for me!!!!
First of all on Monday they pass out progress reports. (its like a report card before a report card)
Also on Monday we have Read Across America Day (we were going to have it last monday but we had a snow day instead).
I think I like the snow day better though cause I had an awesome time!!!!!
Also on Read Across America I have to read a speech in front of the school.... Yikes!!!
But the good part about Read Across America is we get to were slippers and we get to bring a stuffed animal with us.
On Monday since I am a girl scout I also have to read to the little kids.
Today I am relax and chill.
I might have a sleep over later with one of my friends.
But my plan for today is to watch tv, go on the computer, do some homework, play on the wii, and more.
I guess I'll go now.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Animal Crossing!!!

This past weekend I have been playing Animal Crossing City Folk on the wii!!!!
That game is sooooooo fun!!!!!!!!
If you have the wii I recommend you get it.