Saturday, March 7, 2009


Hey how r u guys??
Im good I guess....
But I am a bit nervous for Monday that is like a huge day for me!!!!
First of all on Monday they pass out progress reports. (its like a report card before a report card)
Also on Monday we have Read Across America Day (we were going to have it last monday but we had a snow day instead).
I think I like the snow day better though cause I had an awesome time!!!!!
Also on Read Across America I have to read a speech in front of the school.... Yikes!!!
But the good part about Read Across America is we get to were slippers and we get to bring a stuffed animal with us.
On Monday since I am a girl scout I also have to read to the little kids.
Today I am relax and chill.
I might have a sleep over later with one of my friends.
But my plan for today is to watch tv, go on the computer, do some homework, play on the wii, and more.
I guess I'll go now.

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